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 23 Things they don't tell you about capitalism - Chang, Ha-Joon.pdf
925 KB
 The Act of Study - Freire, Paulo.pdf
87 KB
 Against Identity Politics - Lupus Dragonowl.pdf
113 KB
 Against the Mainstream_Nazi Privatization in 1930s Germany - Bel, Germa.pdf
189 KB
 Against the Market - McNally, David.pdf
7 MB
 Analysis of the Soviet economic growth from the 1950s to the collapse of the USSR - Mazat, Numa_Serrano, Franklin.pdf
597 KB
 The Anarchist Collectives - Dolgoff, Sam.pdf
5 MB
 An Anarchist FAQ_What are the ideas of Max Stirner.pdf
126 KB
 Anarchy - Malatesta, Errico.pdf
116 KB
 Antigone - Zizek, Slavoj.epub
554 KB
876 KB
 Are the Revolutionaries One Counter-Revolution Behind - La Blanquise.pdf
458 KB
 Arrest-Related Deaths Program Redesign Study, 15-16_Preliminary Findings - USDOJ.pdf
738 KB
 The Art of War - Tzu, Sun.pdf
68 KB
 The Art of War_Restored Translation - Tsu, Sun.pdf
1 MB
 Assessing genetic contributions among racial groups - Mountain, Joanna.pdf
226 KB
 Authenticity and the Cultural Politics of Work - Fleming, Peter.pdf
1 MB
 Autism Without a Body - Anonymous.pdf
219 KB
 Bakunin on Anarchy - Dolgoff, Sam.pdf
7 MB
 Beyond Full Employment - Tcherneva, Pavlina.pdf
286 KB
 Borderline Personality Disorder_A Lacanian Perspective - Drob, Lilianna.pdf
807 KB
 Calculation, Complexity, And Planning_The Socialist Calculation Debate Once Again - Cottrell, Allin_Cockshott, W. Paul.pdf
158 KB
 Capital vol 1 - Marx, Karl.pdf
2 MB
 Capital vol 2 - Marx, Karl.pdf
1 MB
 Capital vol 3 - Marx, Karl.pdf
1 MB
 Capitalist Realism_ Is There No Alternative - Fisher, Mark.pdf
3 MB
 Capitalist Realism_Is there no Alternative - Fisher, Mark.pdf
5 MB
 Chaos Complexity and Entropy - Baranger, Mark.pdf
311 KB
 China's Role in the Development of Africa's Infrastructure - Lucky Corkin et al.pdf
133 KB
 A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis Theory and Technique - Fink, Bruce.pdf
4 MB
 A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis_Theory and Technique - Fink, Bruce.pdf
85 MB

 Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist.pdf
199 KB
 How to Spot a Spy (Cointelpro Agent).pdf
288 KB
 Removing Knowledge - Peter Galison.pdf
161 KB
 Resisting Influence.pdf
462 KB
 Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression.pdf
194 KB
 COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of an internet forum.pdf
283 KB
 The Coming Insurrection - The Invisible Committee.pdf
847 KB
 Comments on Society of the Spectacle - Debord, Guy.pdf
938 KB
 Comments on the Society of the Spectacle - Debord, Guy.pdf
938 KB
 Communisation - Dauve, Gilles.pdf
128 KB
 The Communist Horizon - Dean, Jodi.pdf
1 MB
 The Communist Hypothesis - Alain Badiou.pdf
2 MB
 Companion to Marx's capital - Harvey, David.pdf
12 MB
 The Complete Art of War - Tzu, Sun_von Clauswitz, Carl_Machiavelli, Niccolo_Jomini, Baron de.pdf
3 MB
 Conceptualizing Human Variation.pdf
101 KB
 A Concise History of the Middle East - Goldschmidt, Arthur.pdf
10 MB
 The Conquest of Bread - Petr Kropotkin.pdf
448 KB
 Consciousness and its Place in Nature -Chalmers, David J.pdf
383 KB
 Contending Economic Theories - Wolff, Richard D.pdf
4 MB
 Correspondence on the German Student Movement - Adorno, Theodor.pdf
77 KB
 Coup D'etat - Luttwak, Edward.pdf
2 MB
 The Crab Cannery

1 MB
566 KB
539 KB
589 KB
689 KB
938 KB
900 KB
786 KB
581 KB
1 MB
 The Culture Industry - Adorno.pdf
1 MB
 Debt The First 5000 Years - Graeber, David.pdf
5 MB
 Defiant Desire_Some Dialectical Legacies of D_H_Lawrence - Widmer, Kingsley.epub
520 KB
 Democracy for the Few - Parenti, Michael.pdf
3 MB
 Democratic Confederalism - Ocalan, Abdullah.pdf
1 MB
 Dewey, Hook, and Mao - Renault, Emmanuel.pdf
740 KB
 Dialectical Materialism - Lefebvre, Henri.pdf
6 MB
 Does the woman exist - Verhaeghe, Paul.pdf
6 MB
 Eclipse and Re-Emergence of the Communist Movement - Martin, Francois_Barrot, Jean.pdf
227 KB
 Economic Crisis and Crisis Theory - Mattick, Paul.pdf
1 MB
 The Economic Crisis of 1827-32 - Pilbeam, Pamela.pdf
480 KB
 The Economic History of Byzantium - Laiou, Angeliki.pdf
332 KB
 Economic Theory of the Leisure Class - Bukharin, Nikolai.pdf
501 KB
 The Economy and Class Structure of German Fascism - Sohn-Rethel, Alfred.pdf
3 MB
 Education, Truth, Emancipation - Ranciere,Jacques.pdf
688 KB
 The Ego and His Own by Me.pdf
880 KB
 Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist.pdf
199 KB
 Eighteen Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte - Marx, Karl.pdf
993 KB
 Elementary Principles of Philosophy - Politzer, Georges.pdf
1 MB
 The Elgar Companion to Post Keynesian Economics - King, J.pdf
1 MB
 Errico Malatesta - Anarchy - Malatesta, Errico.pdf
116 KB
 Essays on Idleness.pdf
263 KB
 Explaining Postmodernism - Hicks, Stephen.pdf
1 MB
 fbi questions.pdf
2 MB
 Feminism is for Everybody - Hooks, Bell.pdf
3 MB
 Feral Revolution_Writings of Feral Faun.pdf
908 KB
 The Five Stages of Fascism - Paxton, Robert O.pdf
2 MB
 Foundations of Economics - Varoufakis, Yanis.pdf
1 MB
 The French Revolution - Doyle, William.pdf
2 MB
 From Bakunin to Lacan - Newman, Saul.pdf
1 MB
 Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Technique_A Lacanian Approach for Practitioners - Fink, Bruce.pdf
5 MB
 The German Economy in the Twentieth Century - Braun, H_J.pdf
2 MB
 Goodbye Lenin - Sinnerbrink, Robert.pdf
216 KB
 Great Is Their Sin_Biological Determinism in the Age of Genomics - Graves, Joseph L_Jr.pdf
458 KB
 Great Thinkers in Economics_ Michal Kalecki - Lopez, Julia _ Assous, Micheal.pdf
1 MB
 Guerilla Warfare Tactics in Urban Environments - Marques, Patrick D.pdf
122 KB
 Guy Debord - Jappe, Anselm.pdf
8 MB
 Handbook of Inaesthetics - Badiou, Alain.pdf
3 MB
 The Hegel Variations - Jameson, Frederic.pdf
2 MB
 The Historical Transience of Capital - Esteban Maito.pdf
493 KB
 History of the Makhnovist Movement - Arshinov, Peter.pdf
2 MB
 Hitler's Beneficiaries - Aly, Gotz.pdf
3 MB
 How the West Came to Rule - Anievas, Alexander_Nisancioglu, Kerem.pdf
10 MB
 How to Read Lacan - Zizek, Slavoj.pdf
4 MB
 How to Spot a Spy (Cointelpro Agent).pdf
288 KB
 How Useful are Estimated DSGE Model Forecasts - Edge, Rochelle M_ Gurkaynak, Refet S.pdf
1 MB
 An Imbecile's Guide to Guy Debord's Concept of the Spectacle - Jappe, Anselm.pdf
159 KB
 Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism - V Lenin.pdf
1 MB
 In Defence of the Terror - Wahnich, Sophie.pdf
942 KB
 Income Distribution and SLTV Empirical Results - Vienneau.pdf
4 MB
 An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations - Smith, Adam.epub
1 MB
 An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations_Plus Correspondence_Vo1_2 - Smith, Adam.pdf
39 MB
 Internet Trolling as a Tool of Hybrid Warfare_The Case of Latvia.pdf
4 MB
 Introducing Lacan - Leader, Darian_Groves, Judy.pdf
7 MB
 Introducing Marxism - Woodfin, Rupert_Zarate, Oscar.pdf
9 MB
 Introducing Marxist Economics.pdf
118 KB
 Is Disability Insurance Used as a Form of Extended Unemployment Insurance - Hyde, Serah.pdf
105 KB
 Is Economic Planning Hypercomputational - Cottrell, Allin_Cockshott,Paul_Michealson,Greg.pdf
167 KB
 Islam and Socialism - The Socialist Party of Great Britain.pdf
1 MB
10 MB
 Jeune Fille - Tiqqun.pdf
287 KB
 Karl Marx_Early Writings.pdf
11 MB
 The Kingdom of God is Within You - Tolstoy, Leo.pdf
9 MB
 Kurmanji Kurdish for the Beginners.pdf
3 MB
 The Labour Debate_An Investigation into the Theory and Reality of Capitalist Work - Dinerstein, Ana C_Neary, Micheal.pdf
1 MB
 Labour values, prices of production and market prices in the German Economy - Frohlich, Nils.pdf
762 KB
 Labouring in Vain.pdf
122 KB
 Lacan to the Letter- Reading Écrits Closely - Fink, Bruce.pdf
1 MB
 The Lacanian Subject - Fink, Bruce.pdf
2 MB
 The Lacanian Subject_Between Language and Jouissance - Fink, Bruce.pdf
2 MB
 Lankila Corpus Areopagiticum - Lankila, Tuomo.pdf
263 KB
 Late Victorian Holocausts - Davis, Mike.pdf
56 MB
 Lectures on Jurisprudence - Smith, Adam.epub
551 KB
 Lenin and Philosophy & Other Essays - Althusser, Louis.pdf
6 MB
 Life Under the Jolly Roger - Kuhn, Gabriel.pdf
1 MB
 List of prior actions - version of 26 June 20 00.pdf
195 KB
 Listen, Marxist - Bookchin, Murray.pdf
130 KB
766 KB
 Machiavelli and Us - Althusser, Louis.pdf
3 MB
 The Makhnovshchina, 1917-1921- ideology, nationalism and peasant insurgency in early twentieth century Ukraine.pdf
5 MB
 Making Sense of the Situationists.pdf
776 KB
 Manifesto of the Communist Party - K Marx F Engels.pdf
562 KB
 Market Socialism_The Debate Among Socialists - Ollman, Bertell.pdf
2 MB
 Markets are efficient if and only if P=NP - Maymin, Philip.pdf
744 KB
 Markets Not Capitalism - Chartier, Gary_Johnson, Charles.pdf
2 MB
 Marx A Very Short Introduction - Singer, Peter.pdf
2 MB
 Marx for Beginners - Rius.pdf
45 MB
 Marx, Classical Political Economy and the Problem of Dynamics - Grossman, Henryk.pdf
1 MB
 Marx, Marginalism and Modern Sociology - Clarke, Simon.pdf
946 KB
 The Marxian Concept of Capital and the Soviet Experience - Chattopadhyay, Paresh.pdf
6 MB
 The Marxian Economic Handbook and Glossary - Emmett, W H.pdf
11 MB
 Marxist Economics Introduction - McCain, Roger.pdf
243 KB
 The Marxist Lord of Misrule - Slavoj Zizek.pdf
210 KB
 Max Stirners Dialectical Egoism - Welsh, John F.pdf
10 MB
 Minds, Brains, and Programs - Searle, John R.pdf
288 KB
 Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla - Marighella, Carlos.pdf
273 KB
 Modal Logic for Open Minds - Benthem, Johan van.pdf
2 MB
 Monstrosity of Christ - Zizek, Slavoj _ Milbank, John.pdf
1 MB
 Music in Youth Culture_A Lacanian Approach - Jagodzinski, Jan.pdf
1 MB
 Mutual Aid_A Factor of Evolution - Kropotkin, Petr.pdf
913 KB
 NCHSDB219_Prevalence of Obesity Among Adults and Youth_United States, 2011-2014.pdf
704 KB
 Neoconservatives and Trotskyism - King, William F.pdf
1 MB
 Nestor Makhno_Anarchy's Cossak - Skirda, Alexandre.pdf
31 MB
 The New Materialism_Althusser Badiou and Zizek - Pfeifer, Geoffrey Dennis.pdf
923 KB
 No Gods No Masters - Guerin, Daniel.pdf
21 MB
 Oil-for-Doctors_Cuban Medical Diplomacy - Feinsilver, Julie M.pdf
180 KB
 On Guerilla Warfare - Tse-tung, Mao.pdf
3 MB
 On the Relationship Between State and Economy in Transformation - Wagener, Hans-Jurgen.pdf
87 KB
 On War - Clausewitz, Carl von.epub
1001 KB
 On War - Clausewitz, Carl von.pdf
1 MB
 Operation Order.pdf
335 KB
 The Origins and Ideological Function of Cultural Marxism - Acuna, Michael E.pdf
848 KB
 Pedagogy of the Oppressed - Freire, Paulo.pdf
5 MB
 Performative Acts and Gender Constitution - Butler, Judith.pdf
1 MB
 Petro Populism - Egil Matsen et al.pdf
407 KB
 Philosophy for Militants - Badiou, Alain.pdf
6 MB
 The Philosophy of Egoism - Walker, James L.pdf
87 KB
 Piero Sraffa and the Production of Commodities by Means of Magic - Jeffries, William.pdf
394 KB
 Piketty against Piketty - Maito, Esteban Ezequiel.pdf
248 KB
 Piketty and Marginal Productivity Theory - Moseley, Fred.pdf
263 KB
 Plain Marxists_Sophisticated Marxists - Barrow, Clyde W.pdf
2 MB
 Plato's Republic - Badiou, Alain.pdf
2 MB
 Playing the Whore - Grant, Melissa Gira.pdf
2 MB
138 KB
 Political Aspects of Full Employment - Kalecki, Michal.pdf
81 KB
 Political Economy_A Beginner's Course - Leontiev, A.pdf
156 KB
 Political Economy_A Beginner's Course_Ch2 - Leontiev, A.pdf
139 KB
 Political Economy_A Beginner's Course_Ch3 - Leontiev, A.pdf
150 KB
 The Power Elite - Mills, C Wright.pdf
2 MB
 The Power of Identity - Castells, Manuel.pdf
2 MB
 Principia Discordia.pdf
487 KB
 Ranger Handbook - USA.pdf
1 MB
 Ranger Unit Operations - USA.pdf
3 MB
 Reading Lists

 anti work reading list.png
848 KB
 book list2.jpg
319 KB
 book list3.jpg
2 MB
 book list4.png
292 KB
 book list5.png
3 MB
 book list.jpg
2 MB
 leftypol reading.jpg
2 MB
 leninism reading kit.png
1 MB
 non-tumblr tier feminism.jpeg
271 KB
 start with the greeks.jpg
1 MB
 The Reproduction of Daily Life - Fredy Perlman.pdf
683 KB
 The Reproduction of Daily Life - Perlman, Fredy.pdf
683 KB
 The Revolution Betrayed - Leon Trotsky.pdf
4 MB
 The Revolution of Everyday Life - Vaneigem, Raoul.pdf
459 KB
 Revolutionary Self Theory - Law, Larry.pdf
51 KB
 Revolutionary Self-Theory - Law, Larry.pdf
51 KB
 The Rights of Man - Paine, Thomas.pdf
521 KB
 The Rise and Nature of Alternative Work Arrangements in the United States - Katz, Lawrence F_Krueger, Alan B.pdf
576 KB
 Robots on the Battlefield - Doare, Ronan_Danet, Didier_Hanon, Jean-Paul_Boisboissel, Gerard de.pdf
3 MB
 The Roman Market Economy - Temin, Peter.pdf
1 MB
 Rosseau - Wokler, Robert.pdf
3 MB
 Science and Politics in the Ancient World - Farrington, Benjamin.pdf
4 MB
 The Scientific Status of the LTV - Cockshott and Cottrell.pdf
94 KB
 Searching for the Union_The Worker's Movement in China 2011-2013.pdf
1 MB
 The Second Sex - Beauvoir, Simone de.pdf
3 MB
 Second Treatise of Government - Locke, John.pdf
407 KB
 Serious Psychological Distress Among Adults_United States_2009-2013.pdf
429 KB
 Setting Fire to Department Stores - Meinhof, Ulrike.pdf
81 KB
 Simple Sabotage Field Manual - Strategic Services.pdf
2 MB
 Slavoj Zizek_A Graphic Guide - Kul-Want, Christopher_Piero.pdf
7 MB
 So You Want an Insurrection - CrimethInc, Anonymous.pdf
121 KB
 The Society of the Spectacle - Debord, Guy.pdf
263 KB
 Sorel_Reflections on Violence - Jennings, Jeremy.pdf
1 MB
 The Soviet Dictatorship - Strong, Anna Lousie.pdf
722 KB
 Spectacular Times_Cities of Illusion - Law, Larry.pdf
5 MB
 The Spiraling Cadaver.pdf
839 KB
 Spy & CounterSpy.pdf
1 MB
 The State And revolution - V I Lenin.pdf
1 MB
 State Capitalism in the Soviet Union - MC Howard JE King.pdf
207 KB
 Stathis Kouvelakis, Syrizas Rise and Fall, NLR 97, January-February 2016.pdf
778 KB
 Stirner_The Ego and His Own - Max Baginski.pdf
93 KB
 The Structure of World History - Kojin Karatani.pdf
1 MB
 Sun Tzu For Success - Michealson, Gerald.pdf
3 MB
 The Telekommunist Manifesto - Kleiner, Dmytri.pdf
1 MB
 Ten Days that Shook the World - Reed, John.pdf
499 KB
2 MB
 Theory of Economic Dynamics - Kalecki, Michal.pdf
3 MB
 The Theory of Moral Sentiments - Smith, Adam.pdf
1 MB
 theory of the individual stirner's savage thought - alfredo m bonanno.pdf
104 KB
 Time Management for Anarchists - Munroe, Jim.pdf
10 MB
 Twenty-Five Years after 1956 The Heritage of the Hungarian Revolution - Lomax, Bill.pdf
420 KB
 Two Letters on Strategy - Clausewitz, Carl von.pdf
7 MB
 Uno School a Marxian approach in Japan - Mawatari, Shohken.pdf
1 MB
 The Unrecognized Revolution in the Theory of Capital Formation.pdf
421 KB
 V. I. Lenin, Slavoj Zizek, Slavoj Zizek, Slavoj Zizek-Revolution at the Gates_ Zizek on Lenin, the 1917 Writings-Verso (2004).pdf
14 MB
 Value and Crisis - Kliman, Andrew.pdf
533 KB
 Value Price and Proft - Marx, Karl.pdf
521 KB
 A Vindication of the Rights of Woman-Wollstonecraft, Mary.pdf
546 KB
 The Wages of Destruction - Tooze, Adam.pdf
7 MB
 War is a Racket - Butler, Smedley.pdf
42 KB
 What do we really know about worker co-operatives - Perotin, Virginie.pdf
477 KB
 What is Property_An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government - Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph.pdf
983 KB
 What is Selfishness - Nyberg, Svein Olav.pdf
34 KB
 Why Socialism - Einstein, Albert.pdf
196 KB
 Willing Slaves of Capital - Lordon, Frederic.pdf
940 KB
 Worker Cooperative Toolbox.pdf
491 KB
 Workers Against Work - Seidman, Micheal.pdf
1 MB
 The World Turned Upside Down - Christopher Hill.pdf
23 MB
 Worldwide Human Relationships Inferred from Genome-Wide Patterns of Variation - Various.pdf
274 KB
 Žižek A Very Critical Introduction - Pound, Marcus.pdf
6 MB
 Žižek's Politics - Dean, Jodi.pdf
3 MB
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