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Age:2 years

 A) As You Like It

 1. As You Like It- Pastoralism Gone Awry.pdf
443 KB
 2. Characterization in Shakespearian Comedy.pdf
926 KB
 3. Contrary Notions of Identity in As You like It.pdf
375 KB
 4. Jaques.pdf
1 MB
 5. Merry and Weary Conversation - Textual Uncertainty in As you Like It, II.iv..pdf
215 KB
 6. On the Philological Essence of Shakespearian Humour.pdf
286 KB
 7. Shakespeare's Jester - The Dates of Much Ado and as You Like it..pdf
397 KB
 8. Shakespeare's Romantic Comedies.pdf
526 KB
 9. The Appeal of the Comic Deceiver.pdf
324 KB
 10. The Comic Spirit in Shakspere.pdf
537 KB
 11. Touchstone - Critic in Motley.pdf
1 MB
 12. Touchstone's Function in As You like It.pdf
2 MB
 13. Touchstone's Little Room.pdf
120 KB
 14. Wrestling as Play and Game in As You like It.pdf
465 KB
 B) bacon

 1. An Essay on Essays.pdf
936 KB
 2. Bacon's Man of Science.pdf
657 KB
 3. Francis Bacon on Human Nature.pdf
698 KB
 4. Francis Bacon's Concept of Objectivity and the Idols of the Mind.pdf
466 KB
 5. Jacobean Political Theology - The Absolute and Ordinary Powers of the King.pdf
1 MB
 6. Revenge and Revenge Tragedy in Renaissance England.pdf
519 KB
 C) More Utopia

 1. Discourse in More's Utopia Alibi Pretext Postscript.pdf
307 KB
 2. Hythloday's Utopia and More's England an Interpretation of Thomas More's Utopia.pdf
447 KB
 3. Interpretations of Utopia.pdf
2 MB
 4. More's Utopia and The City of God.pdf
664 KB
 5. Raphael's Eutopia and More's Utopia Christian Humanism and the Limits of Reason.pdf
1 MB
 6. The Literary Artistry of Thomas More The Dialogue of Comfort.pdf
3 MB
 7. Thomas More's Use of Humor as a Weapon of Religious Controversy.pdf
710 KB
50 KB
 D) Jew of malta

 1. A Note on the Sources of an Emblematic Image in The Jew of Malta.pdf
101 KB
 2. Devils and Power in Marlowe and Shakespeare.pdf
590 KB
 3. Economic and Ideological Exchange in Marlowe's Jew of Malta.pdf
433 KB
 4. English Legal History in Marlowe's Jew of Malta.pdf
317 KB
 5. How Bad Is the Text of The Jew of Malta.pdf
692 KB
 6. Innocent Barabas.pdf
308 KB
 7. Jessica, The Merchant of Venice, and the Discourse of Early Modern English Identity.pdf
552 KB
 8. London Theater-Going.pdf
157 KB
 9. Machiavelli in Marlowe.pdf
1 MB
 10. Marlowe and Machiavelli.pdf
390 KB
 11. Marlowe and Shakespeare.pdf
445 KB
 12. Marlowe Our Contemporary Some Questions of Relevance.pdf
201 KB
 13. Marlowe, Marx, and Anti-Semitism.pdf
402 KB
 14. Marlowe's The Jew of Malta and the Renaissance Gnostic Tradition.pdf
2 MB
 15. Marlowe's Versification and Style.pdf
951 KB
 16. Mediaeval Prototypes of Lorenzo and Jessica.pdf
329 KB
 17. Policy in Marlowe's The Jew of Malta.pdf
255 KB
 18. Prejudice and Literature.pdf
666 KB
 19. Proverbs and Proverbial Allusions in Marlowe.pdf
350 KB
 20. Sacrifice in Marlowe's The Jew of Malta.pdf
322 KB
 21. The Assignment of Speeches in The Jew of Malta.pdf
238 KB
 22. The Jew as Critic at the Rose in 1592.pdf
306 KB
 23. The Jew as Renaissance Man.pdf
638 KB
 24. The Jew in English Poetry and Drama.pdf
846 KB
 25. The Jew in Seventeenth-Century Protestant Thought.pdf
420 KB
 26. The Jew of Malta and The Merchant of Venice Two Readings of Life.pdf
395 KB
 27. The Jew of Malta and the Pit.pdf
250 KB
 28. The Jew That Marlowe Drew.pdf
1 MB
 29. The Marlowe Canon.pdf
4 MB
 30. The Merchant and the Jew A Fourteenth-Century French Analogue to The Merchant of Venice.pdf
191 KB
 31. The Theology of Marlowe's The Jew of Malta.pdf
1 MB
 32. The Usurer in Elizabethan Drama.pdf
750 KB
 33. Villain as Playwright in Marlowe's The Jew of Malta.pdf
412 KB
 34. What Is Literary Antisemitism.pdf
3 MB
 E) Madness

 1. Characteristics of Successful and Unsuccessful Insanity Pleas.pdf
250 KB
 2. Ironic Distance and the Theatre of Feigned Madness.pdf
359 KB
 3. Madness and Method - Before Theatricality.pdf
3 MB
 4. Madness and Philosophy or Literature's Reason.pdf
345 KB
 5. Madness and the Isolation of Characters in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Drama.pdf
748 KB
 6. Madness, Mania, Melancholy- The Artist as Observer.pdf
10 MB
 7. Madness, the Absence of Work.pdf
194 KB
 8. Masturbation, Madness, and the Modern Concepts of Childhood and Adolescence.pdf
894 KB
 9. Reading Madness and Gender in Shakespeare's Tragedies and Early Modern Culture.pdf
420 KB
 10. Scientific Theories of Grief in Some Elizabethan Plays.pdf
689 KB
 11. The Drama- Reason in Madness.pdf
367 KB
 12. The Insane as a Minority - Beyond Confinement.pdf
972 KB
 13. The Madness of Hercules and the Elizabethans.pdf
522 KB
 14. The Moral Import of Madness to Literature.pdf
182 KB
 F) Masque

 1. Antimasque, Pageant - Restoration and Bethlem at Moorfields.pdf
4 MB
 2. Dumb-Show in Elizabethan Drama.pdf
2 MB
 3. Elizabethan and Seventeenth-Century Play Manuscripts.pdf
1 MB
 4. Folk-Play Origins of the English Masque.pdf
395 KB
 5. Jacobean Masque and Stage Music.pdf
2 MB
 6. Jacobean Tragedy and the Dance.pdf
430 KB
 7. Logic in the Elizabethan Drama.pdf
624 KB
 8. Melancholy and the Elizabethan Man of Letters.pdf
621 KB
 9. Notes on the Elizabethan Theatres.pdf
825 KB
 10. Play-Publishing in Elizabethan Times.pdf
1 MB
 11. Satire in Late Elizabethan Plays.pdf
288 KB
 12. The Stuart Masque and Pantagruel's Dreams.pdf
1 MB
 13. Variations in the Use of the Masque in English Revenge Tragedy.pdf
458 KB
 G) Metaphysical

 1. 'Concupiscence of Witt' - The Metaphysical Conceit in Baroque Poetics.pdf
1 MB
 2. Donne -- The Imaging of the Logical Conceit.pdf
1 MB
 3. Donne and the Privacy of Verse.pdf
1 MB
 4. Donne and the Satiric Spirit.pdf
440 KB
 5. Donne and the Ship Metaphor.pdf
182 KB
 6. Donne on the Mandrake.pdf
193 KB
 7. Donne's Alchemical Figures.pdf
639 KB
 8. Donne's Compass.pdf
343 KB
 9. Donne's Conceit and Petrarchan Wit.pdf
320 KB
 10. Donne's Discoveries.pdf
2 MB
 11. Emily Dickinson and the Metaphysical Poets.pdf
1 MB
 12. Donne's The Canonization.pdf
684 KB
 13.Donne's The Canonization Its Theological Context and Its Religious Imagery.pdf
487 KB
 14. Donne's Technique of Dissonance.pdf
338 KB
 15. Donne's Sophistry and Certain Renaissance Books of Logic and Rhetoric.pdf
1 MB
 16. Donne's Prosody.pdf
598 KB
 17. Donne's Platonism.pdf
1 MB
 18. Donne's Obscurity and the Elizabethan TraDItion.pdf
409 KB
 19. Donne's Metrical Practice.pdf
279 KB
 20. Donne's Good-Morrow and Cordiform Maps.pdf
129 KB
 21. Evolutionary Trends in Poetic Style The Case of English Metaphysical Poetry.pdf
2 MB
 22. Explicating Donne The Apparition and The Flea.pdf
1 MB
 23. Gender and Play in John Donne.pdf
2 MB
 24. Godly Fear, Sanctification, and Calvinist Theology in the Sermons and Holy Sonnets of John Do.pdf
513 KB
 25. John Donne and Scholarly Melancholy.pdf
2 MB
 26. John Donne and the Augustinian Paradox of Sin.pdf
423 KB
 27. John Donne and the Emblematic Practice.pdf
807 KB
 28. John Donne and the Tower of Babel.pdf
149 KB
 29. John Donne The Meditative Voice.pdf
1 MB
 30. John Donne The Middle Way.pdf
277 KB
 31. John Donne's Changing Attitudes to Time.pdf
1 MB
 32. John Donne's Metempsychosis.pdf
284 KB
 33. John Donne's The Progresse of the Soule - A Re-Evaluation.pdf
563 KB
 34. Johnson on Wit and Metaphysical Poetry.pdf
405 KB
 35. Johnson's Criticism of the Metaphysical Poets.pdf
234 KB
 36. Logic in the Poetry of John Donne.pdf
713 KB
 37. Love's Wealth in The Sunne Rising.pdf
1 MB
 38. Mirror Imagery in Donne's Poetry.pdf
497 KB
 39. Notes on Donne.pdf
208 KB
 40. Notes on the Early Life of John Donne.pdf
381 KB
 41. Notes on the Metaphysical Poets.pdf
193 KB
 42. Observations on Metaphysical Imagery.pdf
1 MB
 43. Paradox in Donne.pdf
453 KB
 44. Poets and Their Philosophies.pdf
269 KB
 45. Recent Studies in the English Renaissance.pdf
5 MB
 46. Reconstructing Donne's Personae.pdf
1 MB
 47. Science and John Donne.pdf
197 KB
 48. Scientific Curiosity and Metaphysical Poetry in the Seventeenth Century.pdf
544 KB
 49. The Death Wish of John Donne.pdf
560 KB
 50. The Intellectual Kinship of John Donne and Robert Browning.pdf
747 KB
 51. The Lyrical Conceits of the Metaphysical Poets.pdf
989 KB
 52. The Pejorative Use of Metaphysical.pdf
186 KB
 53. The Real and the Representation in Donne's Poetry.pdf
325 KB
 54. The Rhetoric in the Poetry of John Donne.pdf
2 MB
 55. The Role of the Lady in Donne's Songs and Sonets.pdf
1 MB
 56. The Songs and Sonnets of John Donne.pdf
2 MB
 57. The Term Metaphysical Poets before Johnson.pdf
272 KB
 58. The Unified Sensibility and Metaphysical Poetry.pdf
362 KB
 59. The Visual Paradigm of 'The Good-Morrow' Donne's Cosmographical Glasse.pdf
215 KB
 60. Two Cruxes in the Poetry of Donne.pdf
184 KB
 61. Two Notes on Donne.pdf
1 MB
 62. What Is Metaphysical Poetry.pdf
1 MB
 63. What Was Donne Doing.pdf
369 KB
 64. Women among the Metaphysicals - A Case, Mostly, of Being Donne for.pdf
443 KB
 H) Hamlet

 1.The World of Hamlet.pdf
225 KB
 2.Hamlet Nearly Absurd -The Dramaturgy of Delay.pdf
285 KB
 3.Hamlet's Moment of Truth.pdf
368 KB
 4.Revenge, Honor, and Conscience in Hamlet.pdf
759 KB
 5.Hamlet the Avenger.pdf
160 KB
 6.Arjuna and Hamlet- Two Moral Dilemmas.pdf
619 KB
 7.The OEdipus-Complex as an Explanation of Hamlet's Mystery.pdf
4 MB
 8.Smells like Prince Hamlet.pdf
397 KB
 9.The Funeral of Ophelia.pdf
713 KB
 10.Visualizing Hamlet's Ghost - The Spirit of Modern Subjectivity.pdf
3 MB
 11.Essential Hamlet.pdf
2 MB
 12.Drama, Fortune, and Providence in Hamlet.pdf
1 MB
 13.Hamlet and the Perplexed Critics.pdf
1 MB
 14.Hamlet When New.pdf
2 MB
 15.Hamlet When New (Part II).pdf
2 MB
 16.Hamlet's Mouse-Trap.pdf
494 KB
 17.The Theory of Hamlet.pdf
528 KB
 18.The Odds on Hamlet.pdf
933 KB
 19.Did Joyce Write Hamlet.pdf
935 KB
 20.Never Doubt I Love - Misreading Hamlet.pdf
1 MB
 21.Laertes' Advice to Ophelia in Hamlet, I.iii.12-14.pdf
268 KB
 22.Hamlet, the Gravedigger, and Indecorous Decorum.pdf
1 MB
 23.Guilty Creatures Sitting at a Play A Note on Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2.pdf
202 KB
 24.Hamlet and the Odor of Mortality.pdf
287 KB
 25.The Word in Hamlet.pdf
995 KB
 26.The Character of Hamlet's Mother.pdf
193 KB
 27.Hamlet, the Pseudo-Procrastinator.pdf
330 KB
 28.The Postures of Hamlet.pdf
1 MB
 29.Hamlet's Quintessence of Dust.pdf
323 KB
 30.The Owl and the Baker's Daughter A Note on Hamlet IV. v. 42-43.pdf
552 KB
 31.Shakespeare's Theatrical Symbolism and Its Function in Hamlet.pdf
2 MB
 32.Dramatic Structure and Criticism- Plot in Hamlet.pdf
443 KB
 33.Hamlet's Mother.pdf
458 KB
 34.On Ophelia's Madness.pdf
426 KB
 35.The Death of Ophelia.pdf
154 KB
 36.Ophelia- Shakespeare's Pathetic Plot Device.pdf
548 KB
 37.A Note on the 'Pyrrhus Episode' in Hamlet.pdf
591 KB
 38.The Conflict in Hamlet.pdf
396 KB
 39.Ophelia and Jephtha's Daughter.pdf
127 KB
 40. Shakespeare's Deceptive Cadence - A Study in the Structure of Hamlet.pdf
256 KB
 41.Who said that--Hamlet or Hamlet.pdf
275 KB
 42.Hamlet and the Scanning of Revenge.pdf
375 KB
 43.The Imagery of Constraint in Hamlet.pdf
670 KB
 44.Aspects of the Incest Problem In Hamlet.pdf
2 MB
 45.Hamlet- Ophelia's Long Purples.pdf
866 KB
 46.Sex and Money- A Note on Hamlet I. iii. 108-9.pdf
513 KB
 47.The Eye of the Beholder - Hamlet to Ophelia, II. ii. 109-24.pdf
689 KB
 48.Ladies, Gentlemen, and Skulls - Hamlet and the Iconographic Traditions.pdf
1 MB
 49.So Capital a Calf - The Pun in Hamlet, III.ii.10.pdf
117 KB
 50.Hamlet's Doubles.pdf
1 MB
 51.Ophelia's Maimed Rites.pdf
191 KB
 52.Fathers and Sons In Hamlet.pdf
89 KB
 53.They Catch one Another's Rapiers- The Exchange of Weapons in Hamlet.pdf
792 KB
 54.A Thing of Nothing- The Catastrophic Body in Hamlet.pdf
350 KB
 55.Hamlet's Bodies.pdf
165 KB
 56.Pedagogy, Hamlet, and the Manufacture of Wonder.pdf
203 KB
 57.The Play Scene in Hamlet.pdf
250 KB
 58.Hamlet and the Nature of Reality.pdf
437 KB
 59.The Thought of Hamlet and the Modern Temper.pdf
408 KB
 60.Hamlet, Melancholy, and the Devil.pdf
125 KB
 61.Ophelia's 'Nothing'.pdf
126 KB
 62.Snatched Bodies- Ophelia in the Grave.pdf
3 MB
 63.Vows to the Blackest Devil - Hamlet and the Evolving Code of Honor in Early Modern England.pdf
368 KB
 64.Hamlet's Grief.pdf
275 KB
 65.Hamlet and the Myth of Memory.pdf
920 KB
 66.The Iconography of Ophelia.pdf
234 KB
 67.Hamlet's Solid Flesh Resolved.pdf
273 KB
 68.The Mystery of Hamlet.pdf
361 KB
 69.Romantic Apologiae for Hamlet's Treatment of Ophelia.pdf
338 KB
 70.The Exchange of Weapons in Hamlet.pdf
225 KB
 71.The Sequence of Scenes in Hamlet.pdf
286 KB
 73.Kin and kinde in Hamlet..pdf
117 KB
 74.Hamlet's 'ha, ha!'.pdf
224 KB
 75.The Hamlet Myth.pdf
219 KB
 76.Desire and the Interpretation of Desire in Hamlet.pdf
946 KB
 77.The Sanity of Hamlet.pdf
816 KB
 78.The Woman in Hamlet - An Interpersonal View.pdf
441 KB
 79.What Doesn't Happen in Hamlet- The Ghost's Speech.pdf
532 KB
 80.The Wheel of Fortune, the Wheel of State, and Moral Choice in Hamlet.pdf
795 KB
 81.Hamlet to Ophelia.pdf
445 KB
 82.Hamlet's Hallucination.pdf
3 MB
 83.A Good Kissing Carrion (Hamlet II, 2, 182).pdf
418 KB
 84.Hamlet's Quest of Certainty.pdf
189 KB
 85.Reflections on Hamlet.pdf
94 KB
 86.Hamlet's Polonius, and Shakspere's.pdf
142 KB
 87.Derrida's Hamlet.pdf
649 KB
 88.Shakespeare's Sixteen-Year-Old Hamlet.pdf
289 KB
 89.The Histrionic Hamlet.pdf
488 KB
 90.Space and Scrutiny in Hamlet.pdf
384 KB
 91.Hamlet and Freud.pdf
266 KB
 92.Hamlet's Treatment of Ophelia in the Nunnery Scene.pdf
331 KB
 93.The Application of Textual Theory to Hamlet's Dying Words.pdf
474 KB
 94.Understanding Hamlet.pdf
211 KB
 95.In Defense of Hamlet.pdf
310 KB
 96.Why Put Freud into Hamlet.pdf
140 KB
 97.Hamlet's Lack of Balance.pdf
177 KB
 98.Hamlet's Quietus.pdf
96 KB
 99.Hamlet - Six Characters in Search of a Play.pdf
218 KB
 100.Hamlet as an Undergraduate.pdf
196 KB
 101.Hamlet as a Man of Action.pdf
284 KB
 102.Hamlet's Therapy.pdf
586 KB
 103.The Language of 'Hamlet'.pdf
546 KB
 104.Hamlet - The Analogy of Action.pdf
1 MB
 105.Hamlet through a Telescope.pdf
371 KB
 106.The Word-Pictures in 'Hamlet'.pdf
520 KB
 107.A Dramatic Approach to Hamlet.pdf
584 KB
 108.Reading, Writing, and Memory in 'Hamlet'.pdf
2 MB
 109.The Uses of Interpretation in Hamlet.pdf
2 MB
 110.Hamlet's Third Soliloquy.pdf
321 KB
 111.His Mother's Closet- A Note on 'Hamlet'.pdf
155 KB
 112.Not Parody, Not Burlesque- The Play within the Play in 'Hamlet'.pdf
295 KB
 113.A Spanish Hamlet.pdf
567 KB
 114.The Dumb-Show in 'Hamlet'.pdf
146 KB
 115.The Aesthetic Paradox in Hamlet.pdf
524 KB
 116.The Case of Hamlet's Conscience.pdf
567 KB
 117.Hamlet's 'To Be or Not to Be' Soliloquy- Once More Unto the Breach.pdf
605 KB
 118.The Iconography of Melancholy in the Graveyard Scene of Hamlet.pdf
497 KB
 119.Hamlet Prepares for Action.pdf
375 KB
 120.Ironic Reversal in Hamlet.pdf
412 KB
 121.Accommodating Death- The Ending of Hamlet.pdf
460 KB
 122.Hamlet and the Scottish Succession.pdf
556 KB
 123.A View of the Views about Hamlet.pdf
1 MB
 124.The Position of the Soliloquy 'to be or not to be' in Hamlet.pdf
534 KB
 125.The Meaning of Hamlet's Soliloquy.pdf
792 KB
 126.Hamlet and Fortinbras.pdf
849 KB
 127.King Hamlet's Ambiguous Ghost.pdf
436 KB
 128.Hamlet as Minister and Scourge.pdf
1 MB
 129.More of Hamlet and His True Friends.pdf
92 KB
 130.True Friends of Hamlet.pdf
116 KB
 131.Hamlet and the Ghost Again.pdf
223 KB
 132.Hamlet's Account of the Pirates.pdf
316 KB
 133.The Structural Experiment in Hamlet.pdf
852 KB
 134.'I Know My Course' - Hamlet's Confidence.pdf
356 KB
 135.Hamlet and Logic.pdf
180 KB
 136.Hamlet's Grandmother and Other Literary Facts.pdf
1 MB
 137.Discerning the Ghost in Hamlet.pdf
1 MB
 138.Hamlet's Apostrophe on Man - Clue to the Tragedy.pdf
1 MB
 139.You Can't Teach Hamlet, He's Dead.pdf
222 KB
 140.Polonius' Indirections- A Controlling Idea in 'Hamlet'.pdf
219 KB
 141.Hamlet and Holden.pdf
185 KB
 142.Hamlet's Letters.pdf
283 KB
 143.How Now, Hamlet.pdf
158 KB
 144. Hamlet and the Scanning of Revenge.pdf
375 KB
 145. Hamlet a Christian Tragedy.pdf
828 KB
 146. Hamlet and the World of Ancient Tragedy.pdf
2 MB
 147. Hamlet, Antonio's Revenge and the Ur-Hamlet.pdf
255 KB
 148. Hamlet, Revenge!.pdf
408 KB
 149. The Realism of Shakespearian Tragedy.pdf
227 KB
 150.The Spanish Tragedy and Hamlet..pdf
462 KB
 151. Revenge, Honor, and Conscience in Hamlet.pdf
759 KB
 I) revenge tragedy

 1. A Note on the Madmen's Scene in Webster's the Duchess of Malfi.pdf
375 KB
 2. Aristotle, Frye, and the Theory of Tragedy.pdf
445 KB
 3. Controversy and the Single Woman in The Maid's Tragedy and The Roaring Girl.pdf
450 KB
 4. Defining Confining the Duchess - Negotiating the Female Body in John Webster's.pdf
915 KB
 5. Embodied Morality in The Duchess of Malfi.pdf
351 KB
 6. Erotic Logic in The Changeling.pdf
492 KB
 7. Ethical Themes in The Duchess of Malfi.pdf
376 KB
 8. Figurative Imagery in Revenge Tragedies by Three Seventeenth-Century Contemporaries of Shakesp.pdf
876 KB
 9. Great Women of Pleasure - Main Plot and Subplot in The Duchess of Malfi.pdf
331 KB
 10. Melancholy, Ambition, and Revenge in Belleforest's Hamlet.pdf
1 MB
 11. Masque Influence on the Dramaturgy of Beaumont and Fletcher.pdf
309 KB
 12. Longings, Purgings and the Maternal Body in Bartholome Fair and The Duchess of Malfi.pdf
435 KB
 13. Kingship in Renaissance Drama.pdf
1 MB
 14. Juridical Epistemologies and English Revenge Tragedy.pdf
3 MB
 15. Melodrama and Tragedy.pdf
711 KB
 16. Organic Unity and Shakespearian Tragedy.pdf
294 KB
 17. Othello, Hamlet, and Aristotelian Tragedy.pdf
263 KB
 18. Painting Women - Images of Femininity in Jacobean Tragedy.pdf
1 MB
 19. Recent Studies in Elizabethan and Jocobean Drama.pdf
716 KB
 20. Recent Studies in Tudor and Stuart Drama.pdf
6 MB
 21. Reflections on Tragedy.pdf
609 KB
 22. Renaissance Execution and Marlovian Elocution The Drama of Death.pdf
547 KB
 23. Sexual and Social Mobility in The Duchess of Malfi.pdf
3 MB
 24. The Duchess of Malfi as a Tragedy of Identity.pdf
670 KB
 25. The Duchess of Malfi - The Spirit of Greatness and Of Woman.pdf
295 KB
 26. The Duchess of Malfi - Comic and Satiric Confusion in a Tragedy.pdf
593 KB
 27. The Closet Drama in The Changeling,.pdf
157 KB
 28.The Changeling.pdf
1 MB
 29. The Changeling in A Dream.pdf
299 KB
 30. The Changeling and Women's Complicity with Their Rapists.pdf
3 MB
 31. The Changeling 2.pdf
534 KB
 32. The Antitheatricality of The Duchess of Malfi.pdf
1 MB
 33. Spatial Imagery in Webster's Tragedies.pdf
477 KB
 34. The Duchess of Malfi Considered as a Tragedy-of-Blood.pdf
2 MB
 35. The Eight Madmen in The Duchess of Malfi.pdf
294 KB
 36. The Elizabethan Attitude Towards Insanity..pdf
156 KB
 37. The Essence and Origin of Tragedy.pdf
610 KB
 38. The Essence of Tragedy.pdf
572 KB
 39. The Formative Power of Marriage in Stuart Tragedy.pdf
264 KB
 40. The Horoscope in Webster's the Duchess of Malfi.pdf
683 KB
 41. The 'Impure Art' of John Webster.pdf
530 KB
 42. The Landscape of Imagination in The Duchess of Malfi.pdf
200 KB
 43. The Moral Paradox of Webster's Tragedy.pdf
331 KB
 44. TheAmbiguity of Bosola.pdf
394 KB
 45. The Women of Middleton and Webster.pdf
1 MB
 46. The Wax Figures in The Duchess of Malfi.pdf
230 KB
 47. The Tendency to Rationalize in The White Devil' and 'The Duchess of Malfi'.pdf
337 KB
 48. The Renaissance Pleasure Faire.pdf
1 MB
 49. The Relationship between Brother and Sister in the Plays of John Webster.pdf
950 KB
 50.The Nature of Tragedy.pdf
651 KB
 51. The Nature of Tragedy - A Psychological Essay.pdf
2 MB
 52. Theories of Revenge in Renaissance England.pdf
1 MB
 53. Women in the Renaissance Theatre Audience.pdf
1 MB
 J) sonnets

 1. Elizabethan Lyrics and Love-Songs.pdf
742 KB
 2. The Sonnets of Michael Drayton.pdf
154 KB
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